Chrysler Review Luxury GT Coupe Concept

2012-02-21 07:28:00
Chrysler Review Luxury GT Coupe Concept |  görsel 1

We probably won’t see the following car on the streets in the near future, but it’s a really awesome concept and we just had to share it with you guys.  Named Chrysler Review, this is how designer Colin Bonathan imagined a luxury GT coupe from Chrysler might look like.


Colin was apparently responsible for the exterior styling of a Lincoln Continental concept that was displayed at this year’s Detroit Motor Show as a quarter scale model and who knows? maybe one day this sweet Chrysler concept might be turned at least into a quarter scale model.

The styling is impressive and really elegant, exactly what I’d like from a future Chrysler supercar.  It looks like an aggressive and modern interpretation of the classic design language and it seems it’s almost ready to be built. Would you like a car like this from Chrysler in the future?

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