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Would you like to see the whole of Russia just in a couple of hours? Then you are welcome to visit a new exhibition called the Grand Model available in Saint-Petersburg.
 Russia In Miniature

The giant model of the Russian Federation includes the most interesting places located on the territory of 800 square meters. The model is still under construction and is open for viewers only on Sunday.

It is not that famous yet and is located far from the historical center of the city of Saint-Petersburg. But those, who have visited the place, wonder there for hours examining every small detail as the view is fascinating.

According to official sources, this is the largest country model in the world.

“Place for advertising”.

Places of interest in Saint-Petersburg.

Opening bridges.

Quay wedding.

Exchange market.

Moscow is still in the process of construction. It is planned to put on trains from Moscow to Saint-Petersburg.

Pig farm.


Sea gulls.

Space airfield.

Ural mountains.

Control room.

“After I visited the place I can’t stop thinking of going there again and have at least one detail for a keepsake. It is a pity we’ll never have something like this in Moldova” – “You’ll never have anything like this in Moldova if you dream of taking details from models that belong to other countries. Though I didn’t mean to be rude as such things happen to Russian citizens as well”.

Extinguishing fire in the forest.

Dinosaur Excavation Site.

By pressing some keys one can participate in deforestation.

Mushrooms in the forest.

Real advertising: AVTOMASYA – used car center.

Police stopped gangland killing.

Trains are passing by in the mean time.

Glory to labour!

Storks on the roof.

The train requires antifriction.

The Yeti has been discovered here.


Journalists are ready to shoot aliens. “Channel One News”

The gap between rich and poor.

Press the button and the people will start making hay.

Spending time on the beach. As night succeeds day the lights and bonfires are on. A day lasts for 15 minutes.

The tourists were attacked by the bear.

Here a meeting is held. “Russia is a motherland of elephants”

In the cinema they show a movie about the history of the model creation.

Comments book: “Thank you for your efforts. The view is fascinating! I can’t wait when the construction is over. Thank you once again.”

Location: Saint-Petersburg

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