Classic FHM: Landi Swanepoel

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Elisandra Tomacheski-Best model

2011-10-08 15:11:00
Elisandra Tomacheski-Best model |  görsel 1
Elisandra Tomacheski-Best model |  görsel 2
Elisandra Tomacheski-Best model |  görsel 3
Elisandra Tomacheski-Best model |  görsel 4
Elisandra Tomacheski-Best model |  görsel 5
Elisandra Tomacheski-Best model |  görsel 6
Elisandra Tomacheski-Best model |  görsel 7
Elisandra Tomacheski-Best model |  görsel 8
Elisandra Tomacheski-Best model |  görsel 9
Elisandra Tomacheski-Best model |  görsel 10
Elisandra Tomacheski-Best model |  görsel 11
Elisandra Tomacheski-Best model |  görsel 12
Elisandra Tomacheski-Best model |  görsel 13
Elisandra Tomacheski-Best model |  görsel 14

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FHM MODELS : " + __flash__argumentsToXML(arguments,0) + ""));}" brplayerplay="function () {return eval(instance.CallFunction(" " + __flash__argumentsToXML(arguments,0) + " "));}" brplayergetversion="function () {return eval(instance.CallFunction("" + __flash__argumentsToXML(arguments,0) + ""));}" brplayergettime="function () {return eval(instance.CallFunction("" + __flash__argumentsToXML(arguments,0) + ""));}" brplayersettime="function () {return eval(instance.CallFunction("" + __flash__argumentsToXML(arguments,0) + ""));}"> Gemma Atkinson Christmas - - Watch MoreFunny Videos     Arianny Celeste behind the scenes video for her 2012 Calendar Olivia Munn behind the scenes video for her latest FHM shoot Holly Peers Nuts Magazine behind the scenes video Kitty Lea behind the scenes video for Front TV Peta Todd's final Zoo photo shoot behind the scenes video Sam Cooke behind the scenes Page 3 video Leeann Tweeden topless video from Edenquest Kate Upton hot and sexy for Beach Bunny Swimwear Chanelle Hayes topless and behind the scenes vid for Zoo Today Jodie Gasson, Jess Impiazzi and Hayley Sams Zoo interactive Halloween strip Lacey Banghard Page 3 behind the scenes video Sabine's Front TV Halloween video Jordan Carver for Zoo, along with behind the scenes video Geena Mullins interactive strip Blackjack for Zoo Mag Sabine strips around t... Devamı

Katrina Kaif Very Hot Pictures

2011-10-01 19:58:00
Katrina Kaif Very Hot Pictures  |  görsel 1

    Katrina Kaif Biography       Standing tall at 5’8”, a lovely peaches n cream complexion, and an hour-glass figure, the beautiful and elegant Katrina Kaif stands apart and is not one to go unnoticed. Not surprisingly the modeling world rolled down the red carpet for her, movie offers are pouring in, and she is linked with one of the hottest and most controversial Khans of Bollywood. Roots Katrina Kaif, a name now familiar to Indian movie-goers, was born on 16 July 1984 in Hong Kong. Her parents are both British citizens, while her father is a Kashmiri who later acquired British citizenship. She lived in Hawaii before moving to UK and is now setting up a home and career in India. Katrina has been Salman Khan’s long term girlfriend. Despite several speculations about the couple’s break-up, all seems well. On the Runway Kaif’s first taste of modeling happened in Hawaii when she was 14 and was part of a jewelry campaign. Thereafter, she continued modeling in London. In India, there was no dearth of offers and she appeared in ads for Veet, Lakme, LG, Samsung to name a few. She was also the face of Lakme India Fashion Week 2005. She took the number one spot in FHM India's 100 Sexiest Women in the World poll and also won the Best Female Style Icon at the IIFA Awards. Katrina was chosen to represent Barbie in India. On to the Big Screen Kaif, while in London, was spotted by Kaizad Gustad and was cast in his 2003 release Boom, which sank without a trace. Movie offers initially trickled in owing largely to her unfamiliarity with Indi... Devamı

Adriana Lima looking like perfection personified

2011-10-01 19:49:00
Adriana Lima looking like perfection personified  |  görsel 1

  EKI   Oh boy… ever since I’ve heard that crappy song about Fridays, I can’t enjoy this day as much as I used to. Every morning I’m like “oh yeaah, it’s Friday” and then that stupid song comes into my mind. I want it out of my head, please. Having said that, probably the best way to kick off the best day of the week is gawking at a couple of drool inducing photos with a Victoria’s Secret angel in lingerie. That sounds like the right thing to do in a Friday morning, right? So… I’ve decided to post these breathtaking photos of Brazilian bombshell Adriana Lima modeling a couple of new lingerie pieces from Victoria’s Secret. I bet you guys and gals are really happy I did, eh? I’ve probably gushed over hundreds of photos with this peach in lingerie or in bikinis but no matter how many times I’ve gawked at photos with her, I still find myself drooling like a zombie every time I see a new batch of photos with her. And that top photo… oh my! Three of my favorite VS supermodels, Adriana Lima, Candice Swanepoel and Erin Heatherton in lingerie and… topless. That’s beyond stunning, beyond our ultimate fantasy. Threesomes are boring, i now dream of being gangbanged by three VS angels. © Brosome – Awesome stuff for Bros! ... Devamı

Üç Maymun Gerçekte Ne Diyor?..

2011-09-19 16:55:00
Üç Maymun Gerçekte Ne Diyor?..  |  görsel 1

  19EYL Türkçe dahil geniş bir dil coğrafyasında “üç maymun” ya da “üç maymunu oynamak”  deyimleri genelde “duymadım, görmedim, bilmiyorum”‘u ifade etmek için kullanılır. Üç maymun deyiminin kaynağı Türkiye’ye oldukça uzak. Kaynağı tam olarak Japonya’nın dağlık Nikko kentinde 1626 yılında yapılmış bir ahırın kapısının üzerinde. Japon inanış ve geleneklerinde “iyi davranış iyi sağlık getirir” inancı da var. Bu inanca Koshin adı veriliyor ve 17.yy da olduğu gibi bugün de güçlü bir şekilde varlığını sürdürüyor. 1636 yılında Nikko’da bir tapınağın bahçesindeki ahırın üzerine işlemeler yapan usta üç maymun figürünü işlediğinde bütün dünyaya yayılacağını biliyor muydu acaba? Hem de bazen yanlış anlaşılarak? Üç maymun figüründeki maymunlar çocukların “kötü duymaması, kötü konuşmaması ve kötü görmemesi gerektiğini böylece daha sağlıklı bir hayatları olacağını anlatır”.   Maymun figürlerininin olduğu tapınak bugün de oldukça popüler. Her oymanın altında anlamı iki dilde açıklanmış.  Bir çok Japon tahta oymaların altında  maymunları taklit ederek fotoğraf çektiriyor. 17.yy da yapılmış bir ahır kapısından dünya dillerine, Türkçe’ye giren bir deyim. Dünya cidden küçük, değil mi? Kaynak:ŞİMDİ GEZELİM ... Devamı

Meet Miss Universe 2011:Best Womens

2011-09-15 21:30:00
Meet Miss Universe 2011:Best Womens  |  görsel 1

  Leila Lopes-Alexis Bledel-Britney Spears-Sofia Vergara 25 year-old Miss Angola Leila Lopes took home the Miss Universe crown last night. During the pageant, Leila was asked about the things she would change about her appearance and she replied: “Thank God I’m very satisfied with the way God created me and I wouldn’t change a thing. I consider myself a woman endowed with inner beauty. I have acquired many wonderful principles from my family and I intend to follow these for the rest of my life.” What do you think of the new beauty queen? See more!   Alexis Bledel Is Pretty in Blue Alexis Bledel was spotted while on her way to a NY Fashion Week event the other day – and she looked gorgeous in an intense blue dress that showed off her slim figure. P.S.: Alexis will be 30 years old in a few days – she definitely looks much younger! See 2 more!   Britney Spears: ‘Exercise is a spiritual thing’ Britney Spears, who is currently on a 1600 calories / day diet according to Glamour Magazine, has something to share: Exercise is a spiritual thing, it helps your mind and your body and it’s all connected. So, yes, I think it’s really important to take care of yourself in that way. I work out every other day, and sometimes every day. I run a lot on the treadmills in hotels when I’m on tour and I do light weights and a little bit of cardio. … says Britney. Sofia Vergara Does Vanity Fair Curvy girl Sofia Vergara is featured in the current issue of Vanity Fair, looking all sexy and cleavagey for the cameras in see-through garments, animal print, fluffy fur and fringey pale pink. How do you like this shoot? See the rest, of course!   ... Devamı


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  Miley Cyrus in Prestige Magazine Miley Cyrus is featured in Prestige Magazine this month, where she sports a makeover: a caramel-colored bob do with bangs, matched with an obvious dosage of smoothing effects via Photoshop. How do you all like the shoot? See it next!     Bar Refaeli Doesn’t Diet, Doesn’t Want to Be Super Skinny “I don’t feel the need to be super skinny, but being in shape is important. But even if I wasn’t in this industry I would still want to look after myself and be healthy and keep my body in good condition,” Bar says. “I always want to look my best on a shoot, or for a fashion show, so I do an extra couple of sit-ups the night before and I drink hot water with lemon to get my metabolism kick-started in the morning and to cleanse my system, but I don’t do anything crazy.” “There’s nothing worse than forcing yourself to spend hours in the gym when you don’t enjoy it, so I do all sorts of things to work out because I get bored easily. “I don’t diet and I don’t have an eating plan, but I like to eat healthily. I don’t deny myself anything and there’s nothing I wouldn’t eat. I like desserts – I like food full-stop, but I exercise and I’m young, so everything keeps in check.” “I guess every girl has days where she feels good and days where she feels she could lose a couple of pounds, and it’s the same for me, I’m generally in pretty good shape, but if I have a major shoot or fashion show coming up and I want to look my best, then I’ll spend a little extra time working out or I’ll stick to eating salads and chicken for a few days. I would never go on some crazy fad diet or eat anything weird to get ... Devamı

The Coolest and Most Remarkable Electric Cars in the World

2011-08-30 12:04:00
The Coolest and Most Remarkable Electric Cars in the World  |  görsel 1

    Electric cars will soon be one of the cars of the future. They will significantly reduce city pollution because these cars have “zero tail pipe emission”. Electric cars are plug-in battery powered automobile which are propelled by electric motors.       Here are the coolest-looking designs of electric cars in the world.       1.) Tesla Roadster       Image Source       The luxurious and elegant looking Tesla Roadster is one of the most beautifully designed battery electric vehicle sports car in the world. It is one of the only three crash-tested and highway-certified electric cars in the world. This amazing car was the first highway-capable all-electric vehicle in serial production available in the United States. Tesla Motors had produced more than 1,200 Roadsters sold in at least 28 countries as of July 2010.        This car is the first production automobile to use lithium-ion battery cells and the first production BEV (all-electric) to travel more than 320 km per charge. The world distance record of 501 km for a production electric car on a single charge was set by a Roadster on October 27, 2009.The Roadster has a base price of US$109,000 in the U.S. and a base price of £86,950 in the UK and €84,000 in continental Europe.       2.) Renault Fluence           Image Source       The Renault Fluence Z.E. is a cool-looking electric car unveiled by Renault at the 2009 Frankfurt Motor Show. This awesome-looking car was announced to be at €21,300, significantly lower than the Nissan... Devamı

Bollywood Kadın Oyuncular

2011-08-16 10:21:00

   Zarine Han,( Zarine Khan)      Tamil Actress Soumya          Ritu kaur Spicy Stills       Katrina Kaif Stills At Bollywood    Sanjana Latest Hot Wallpaper           ... Devamı


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  Britney Spears Saks Mavisi Elbisesi Britney Spears,zerafet,güzellik uzun zaman oldu onu bu kelimeler ile anlatmayalı sanırım herşey yoluna girmiş.Britney Spears saks mavisi elbisesi ile nefes kesiyor üzerine tam oturan chanel boy, mükemmel kesimli elbisesiyle 28 yaşındaki pop prensesi düşman çatlatıyor denilebilir.   Dantel Elbisesi ile Rihanna Rihanna’nın modaya olan düşkünlüğü giderek artıyor hangi marka ne koleksiyon çıkarmışsa daha satışa sunulmadan Rihanna için özel bir defile düzenleniyor almak istediklerini seçiyor ve kataloğun yayınlanması ile birlikte paparazilere poz veriyor.  ... Devamı

Picture of Katy Perry

2011-07-27 13:48:00       Picture of Katy Perry at Listal        ... Devamı

Miami Fashion Week - Kate Upton

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